Month: October 2011

The College Gamer: How To Keep Up Your Gaming Habit On A College Student’s Budget

Gaming is more than just a hobby for many of us and for some it’s even a lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is also extremely expensive. While it was easy to keep up with the latest games while living with mom and dad, once your away at college things like books, food and rent can get in the way. Here are a few tips for great gaming on the cheap. Rent It Almost any gamer can tell you stories of shelling out $60 for a new game only to beat it the next day. Some games just don’t offer enough replay value to justify the full price and while it was annoying before, now that your gaming resources are limited this can be a big problem. Renting games is an old school answer to your new school problems; no pun intended. Whether it’s by visiting a local chain like Blockbuster, or using an online service like Gamefly, renting before you buy is a great way to stretch your gaming dollar. Free MMOs Love to get lost in games like WoW but can no longer afford the monthly fee? You may want to try out the ever growing free to play MMO market. What started as a strange Korean gaming trend has turned into a common gaming business model in the US. You can now even find games that once charged a...

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Most Expensive Sports Trophies

Sport isn’t simply entertainment, it’s a serious business with global repercussions in many cases. Governments around the world are well aware of the impact that sport plays in distracting, amusing or aggravating their populations but most of all – they’re aware that supporting sports which their demographic is skilled at is a must for winning over votes.   With this in mind, governments and sporting bodies (like FIFA or the NBA) pour hundreds of millions of dollars into promoting events, building stadiums and paying exorbitant salaries to players. Still, despite all this the investment is undeniably worth it. Sport gives nations a constructive (usually) outlet for their competitive urges against other countries and helps to promote a feeling of nationalism. Sometimes it may seem to go a little far though, as with the costs behind the following trophies.   Super Bowl Trophy – $50,000 An impressive $50,000 is spent every year to create a new Super Bowl trophy, since the item is permanently taken home by the winning team after having their roster engraved on it. The trophy is made from sterling-silver by Tiffany and Co. It’s nearly two feet tall and is shaped like a kick-ready football with the words “Vince Lombardi Trophy” and the NFL shield engraved onto the base. Estimates say that the item takes 72 hours to complete.   The Stanley Cup – Approximately $650,000 (due...

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3 Modern Day Male Role Models

Long gone are the days of the classic male role models. You know the type: iconic men glorified for their toughness, masculinity, and general badassery. These men were idolized by youth the world over as the epitome of cool. There was John Wayne, the unflappable and universally adored Hollywood actor who defined 20th century masculinity in his dozens of roles from gruff cowboy to inspiring military commander. There was also Frank Sinatra, the lounge-singing beau who ladies adored and men vied to emulate. The late President John F. Kennedy is still revered today as a paragon of ideal masculinity. But the days of male role models seems to be in peril as of late. So many male public figures—politicians, actors, or otherwise—are found to be embroiled in some sort of embarrassing scandal, thus invalidating their candidacy for an ideal role model. Where are the men, the public figures, who the youth can draw inspiration from? Who can we trust as male role models? Consider these three candidates. Ron Swanson Consider Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation. The modern day no-nonsense man, Ron Swanson will not be taken for a fool. As Parks Department Director in the show, Ron carries a quiet but intimidating presence as a government employee against big government. Ron runs his department with the quiet power you’d expect from a revered figure, and he’s not one...

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