Month: May 2011

Sepultura Rocked Calgary

Holding true to the Sepultura’s name was Saturday nights event at the MacEwan Ballroom here at the UofC in Calgary. With the opening bands Nevermore, Hate, Keep of Kalessin and Neuraxis who primed the fan with true metal mayhem, simply paving the way for Sepultura to tear it up. Shredding songs from their early years all the way to their new album (Kairos) on which we got a sneak peak of it when they played the title track from the album which is to be released in June of this year. Thanks to an awesome crowd Sepultura kept on digging out songs way beyond their set list rocking us into the late hours of the night. Loud and hard was definitely the focus of the evening and it didn’t stop there as Sepultura always amazes me on how hard, fast and loud they play. Truly giving us our monies worth this show is a must see. It really did seem as the night progressed that the bands got louder and louder. Even with every encore Sepultura came out for they increased the volumes  to ear bleeding levels. I believe they were dam near maxed out as they finished off the night with a fan favourite Roots. This alone pumped up the crowed as if the night was just...

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3 Ways to Make Your Boat More Badass

Nothing makes a summer day like taking the boat out for a spin on the lake. We start fantasizing about it as soon as the first snow falls. We close our eyes and envision it – one hand on the wheel, a cold beer in the other and girls in bikini’s dancing on the deck to a DJ spinning tunes near the stern. Then we open our eyes to the grim reality of a glorified dinghy that’s still docked in the garage.  Everyone feels bad-ass when they first buy a boat. But then all of the maintenance, cleaning and time spent “working on the damn boat” dulls the thrill. So if it seems your ship has lost its mojo why not think about some improvements to get back a little of the spark. Ok, so we can’t all live in a Jay-Z video, but there are some practical and semi-inexpensive ways to give that bruiser a little more swagger in the water. Pimp It. Naming a boat is a proud tradition among seamen. Maybe it’s just because men like to name stuff; cars, boats, anatomy… And while you can’t emblazon a label everything you’ve named, you can give your boat her proper moniker. Vinyl lettering or decals are a cheap and easy way to customize your boat with its name, or any other catch phrase or tag line that...

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One that blows your socks off

So it looks like the Century Casino is determined to bring in some top drawer acts.  Some of you know what I am talking about with Buddy Guy on Saturday night.  The show started off with the Boogie Patrol, a diverse blues/rock band with front man “Rotten” Dan  who’s voice is quite surprisingly  deep and raspy.  It was so surprising you would expect to see Joe Cocker or a young Louis Armstrong on stage.  The Boogie Patrol nicely warmed up this packed crowd for Buddy Guy who came out  with style and charisma.  Buddy within minutes was interacting with the crowd with a sense of class and stage presents unbeknown-st to most.    With true to Buddy Guy fashion he mixed and mingled into the crowd playing his guitar and making his way to the bar, where I was told he ordered a Heineken on the rocks to quench his thirst.  This Iconic blues man is a real gift to the music world.  Influencing  musicians like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix, just to name a few who have been  inspired by him.  The sound Buddy Guy makes with his guitar never stopped, at one point he beat his guitar with a broken guitar string, a drumstick and a handkerchief.  Manipulating sounds with his guitar this way has proven him to be second to none.  So in closing Thank you Buddy...

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Alberta King of Subs

On the corner of Temple Dr and 52 street Northeast, there is a a small Sub shop called Alberta King of Subs. Contrary to the name, when you walk in side the walls are covered with Maps and swag from Montreal. I was greeted by a very friendly lady. As soon as I walked in the door she was asking how I was and what I would like. I knew that I wanted their famous Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine and The King Cold. This may have been a little too much food for one day.  The Poutine was huge, more than enough for two people to share.  The fresh cut fries, cheese curds and ample amounts of cubed Montreal smoked meat all covered in gravy made from beef drippings. It is a wonderful unhealthy meal, the BBC voted Poutine as the unhealthiest food on the planet. But it is worth every bit if you can finish the regular Poutine. The King Cold was a 12 inch cold sub as the name suggests. It is a sub made with Montreal Smoked meat and cheese with lettuce and tomato and a sauce that I didn’t know what it was. The smoked meat was thinly sliced and melted in my mouth. I think the sub would have been a lot better if they used better bread. The bread was kind of dry....

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10 Signs You Might be a Dictator

Lately, the news has been filled with Middle East uprisings, citizens taking to the streets to overthrow their long-time dictators. Despite holding positions of power for decades, many dictators did not start out that way. Some of them were just normal people before they joined the military and started on their paths to pursuing nationwide domination. That means anyone can potentially become a dictator, even you. So, how do you know if you are on the road toward totalitarian rule over your home country? There are plenty of warning signs, and we have decided to list them here for your own safety. 1. You liked to torture small animals when you were a child. Yes, using a magnifying glass to burn an ant counts, even if it never worked. In fact, tossing your cat over a balcony, shooting squirrels with your BB gun, and making your friend eat a praying mantis all count, you sick, twisted sadist. 2. You ate all the Corn Pops and never cared if your siblings got any. This one is just wrong, and you know it. Your mom bought that cereal for everyone, and you kept it all for yourself. This probably included threats on your brothers and sisters, and maybe even acts of violence. 3. You like to add titles like “The Magnificent” or “Big Daddy” to your name. Other common pre-dictator titles...

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