Month: December 2010

Sexy Sunday 160

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Top 10 Fantasy Kiosks for Men

For far too long these shopping mall Kiosks have been aimed toward women. Not at Men R Us. Here, you can find the top ten fantasy kiosks for men. #10 – Wipeout – Simply swipe your credit card, pick all the transactions that ‘didn’t happen’ and just like that every transaction you chose will show on your statement as “How to be a better Man”. Happy bar hopping! #9 – Field of Dreams – all sports, all the time. Who’s trading who? What manager is getting canned? Never be out of the loop again. For a nominal fee get instant texts on your favorite players every move. #8 – The Stop and Go Accountant – bring us your check and we do it all. We pay your bills, credit your gas account and order food for the week. Leave knowing to the penny how much party money you REALLY have. #7 – One Stop Sex Shop – Everything from condoms to fake IDs. Safe depositories for your wedding ring. With every purchase of $50 or more get a free informational pamphlet. Featuring this month “I can explain that smell” #6 – Upgrade – Need a skill you don’t have? $99.00, 30 seconds and a few singed hairs will do the trick. Just lay back, put on a shiny helmet and learn ANYTHING. **side effects of lying after treatment will...

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Using the Kama Sutra to Recession-Proof Your Life

Times are tough and it’s hard to find ways to get by in America. We’re not at the point of bread lines, but some of us feel as if we’re circling close to that drain. A solution needs to be proposed. An American Solution: ransacking the wisdom of another culture—in this case, the Indian Hindu culture. I’m talking about the Kama Sutra. As a *ahem* self-appointed expert in this field, I just ask you to bear with me through this article, and your bank account will be reaping the benefits in no time. No gym membership or exercise equipment to stay in shape.   The cardio advantage is obvious, but you’d be surprised at the strength training you can get from lifting a girl for various positions or having to support your own weight in some variations on the missionary position. And if your girl is into pounding McDonald’s to save cash, then you’ll get some extra resistance when you have to pick her up. Her low self-esteem and extra mass will make her a keeper until your arms are ripped. Just fight through the tears. No more money spent on entertainment.  If you’re serious about saving money, then hold off on that new flat screen or gaming console a while longer, and get your dick wet. There is no way you’re going to give a damn about some plumber...

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