Month: April 2010

Sexy Sunday 129

Belladonna In her first porn, REAL SEX MAGAZINE 31, she made her debut with an anal scene, in NO LIMITS by Sineplex she shoved a baseball-bat up her ass and in John Stagliano’s masterpiece THE FASHIONISTAS she excelled in the leading role as “Jessie”. So even if you have only the slightest interest in pornography of the 21st century, there’s no way around her. Who are we talking about? Belladonna, first porn-cult-queen of the new millenium. Belladonna was born on May 21st 1981 in Utah. Maybe it was the strict upbringing according to the religious beliefs of her father, a mormon and former captain of the US-Air Force, that made Belladonna who she is today: A wild, adventurous, freedom-loving creature, always on the look-out for a bit of fun and loving. The girl with exhibitionistic tendencies got into the business via a girl-friend’s agent. After a short phone-call, Belladonna got on the next plane and the following day she was shooting her first scene with Chris Cannon, directed by Bill Whitrock. The rest is porn...

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Jokes 04-19-10

Little Penis A young man goes to a doctor for a physical examination. When he gets into the room, the man strips for his exam. He has a dick the size of a little kid’s little finger. A nurse standing in the room sees his little dick and begins to laugh hysterically. The young man gives her a stern look and says, “You shouldn’t laugh, it’s been swollen like that for two weeks now!” The Four Types of Sex House Sex- When you are newly married and have sex all over the house in every room. Bedroom Sex- After you have been married for awhile, you only have sex in the bedroom. Hall Sex- After you’ve been married for many, many years you just pass each other in the hall and say “Fuck You” Courtroom Sex- When your wife and her lawyer fuck you in the divorce court in front of many people for every penny you’ve got. Golf Lesson A husband and a wife want to take golf lessons from a pro at a local golf club. The man and woman meet the pro and head to the driving range. The man goes up first. He swings and hits the ball 100 yards. The Golf Pro says. “Not bad, now hold your club as firmly as you hold your wife’s breast.” The man follows the instructions and hits...

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Sexy Sunday 128

Jenna Jameson Jenna was born and raised in Las Vegas by her father, and by the time she was 18, the bright lights were already drawing her in. She studied ballet as a student, but it was stripping that started Jenna on her road to superstardom. Dancing led to nude modeling, and by her 20th birthday Jenna had appeared in dozens of top men’s mags, including Penthouse, Hustler, High Society and Cheri. A visit to a porn set piqued Jenna’s interest in a hardcore career, and Wicked Pictures signed her to an exclusive contract after a bidding war. It took only a few releases for Jenna to become the most popular young starlet around. She catapulted to the top of the porn heap, and in 1996 she scored an unprecedented triple crown by taking home the XRCO Best New Starlet, the F.O.X.E. Video Vixen and the AVN Best New Starlet awards. Jenna has been branching out into more mainstream projects lately, including a featured role in Howard Stern’s Private Parts (1997) film. She remains one of the most popular pornstresses in the industry...

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Sexy Sunday 127

Sasha Grey Sasha Grey is an American porn star who has branched out into modeling, mainstream acting, and music . . . all by the age of...

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Scuba Cowboy and the Beer Can Chicken

So we have Scuba Cowboy back again. The Double D Show mentioned in episode five that they have a Double Beer Can Chicken Cooker. Scuba Cowboy will us the Beer Can Cooker to cook two chickens. And he tests some beer to get things going. Let us know what you think. What else can Scuba Cowboy show us? And of course Don’t try this at home. Well if you do let us see...

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