Month: March 2010

Sexy Sunday 125

Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Knowles was born in Houston Texas in 1981. Before she could even speak beyonce showed she had an aptitude for music. As a young girl she would drown out everyone in the church choir and would practice singing with the congregation. Later on she moved to Opera classes where she was classically trained. In 1992 she was paired with three other girls and they performed on star search. The group became known as Destiny’s Child and in 1997 they released their first official single. In 1999 the group released their second album which had 3 top 10 hits that year. In 2002 she was seen on the big screen along side Mike Myer’s in Austin Powers: Goldmember. In 2003 she released her solo album Dangerously in Love. That same year she was seen on the big screen again in The Fighting Temptations. In 2004 Beyonce was one of the biggest winners of the night taking away five awards. It was at this time she became involved with Jay-Z. In 2006 Beyonce appeared on the big screen yet again in the Pink Panther. In 2006 she released her second solo album B-day which would a success. That same year she appeared in Dreamgirls. It was in this role she received her first official nomination as an actress by the Golden Globes. In 2008 she and Jay-Z wed...

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Sexy Sunday 124

Eva Mendes Eva Mendes was born in Miami Florida in 1974. Eva first began performing in music videos but got her first role in acting in children in the corn 5 in 1998. A more memorable film came from her role in Night at the Roxbury. In 2001 she was in training day. Followed by roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Stuck on You, Out of Time and Hitch. She also became a spokesperson for Revlon. She has since had many other film...

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Sexy Sunday 123

Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon was born in Nashville Tennessee in 1976. Her first major acting gig came in a role on Man in the Moon which earned her rave reviews. She then attended Stanford University where she majored in English. Her college plans were temporarily put on hold when she accepted roles in the films Fear, and Freeway. In 2001 she starred in the movie Legally Blonde which was a big box office hit, which was followed up by Sweet Home Alabama. She has been in numerous other movies including Walk the Line, and Monsters VS Aliens. Witherspoon who is divorced has recently been romantically linked to Jake...

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Sexy Sunday 122

Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano is a child actor turned star actress and singer. She was every kid’s fantasy girl on Who’s the Boss and every grown man’s fantasy on...

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The Double D Show Episode Four

So on this episode we had a funny letter from a retiree, thanks for the great picture. We never did any jokes we did talk Sexy Sunday. Once again, we ask you to share your ideas and comments. What do you want us to do on the Double D Show? If you have a question for Dirty or Dave email us askmalewail [at] or leave a comment here. Or you can visit or Facebook Page, Get us on Twitter or on...

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