Month: February 2010

Sexy Sunday 121

Halle Berry Halle Berry was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1966. She and her sister were raised by their mother at age 4 her father had walked out on the family. Even though she was a single parent her mother managed to move the family from the inner city to the suburbs. However the neighborhood they moved to was predominately white and because Halle and her sister had dark skin they were often treated cruelly. In high school Halle was a cheerleader, Class president, editor of the school paper, and was crowned the high school Prom Queen. She also won the Miss Teen Ohio Pageant. She continued to compete in pageants and attended college in 1986 to study Broadcast Journalism. Halle didn’t finish her schooling because she wanted to pursue acting and modeling. She tried out for Charlie’s Angels and though she didn’t get the role Aaron Spelling encouraged her to continue chasing her dreams. In 1991 her big break came when she was cast in Spike Lee’s film Jungle Fever. She also had a role in the soap opera Knots Landing. In 1991 she also appeared in the film The Last Boy Scout. In 1992 she appeared in Boomerang alongside Eddie Murphy. In 1993 she married David Justice but the two divorced in 1996. Her role in Losing Isaiah boosted her to stardom. Unfortunately she turned down the...

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Scuba Cowboy Cooks a Turkey

In episode three of the Double D Show,  Dirty mentioned that we will include some more videos to Malewail TV. So as a part of Malewail TV we present Scuba Cowboy. Scuba Cowboy stopped by and showed us how to cook a Turkey. The Scuba Cowboy way, with an improvised Deep Fryer. Let us know what you think. What else can Scuba Cowboy show us? And of course Don’t try this at home. Well if you do let us see...

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Sexy Sunday 120

Mary Kate Olsen Mary Kate was born 2 minutes after her twin sister. The two went on to star in full house. She along with her sister became the youngest self made millionaires. She took acting and photography classes in NYU. She became extremely stressed and developed anorexia the media caught on immediately when she was photographed with her ribs poking out of her backless dress at her walk of fame star reveal. She then went to Utah where she was treated at a rehabilitation center for six weeks. She is now focusing her energy on her clothing line and has launched her own solo acting career in films like Factory Girl, and the...

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Winter Olympic Women

Here we have a selection of The Women of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. There are so many women to choose from....

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Sexy Sunday 119

Hilary Duff Hilary Duff was born in Houston Texas in 1987. By age 6 she and her sister were touring with the Chechetti Ballet. In 1997 she made her on screen debut in the mini-series True Women alongside her sister. Her first lead role came in 1998 when she got the role of Wendy in Casper Meets Wendy. In 2001 she starred in Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel. In 2003 she released her album Metamorphosis. In 2002 she appeared in the film Cadet Kelly and by age 15 she signed a million dollar movie deal for “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” That same year she was seen in Agent Cody Banks and Cheaper by the Dozen. In 2004 she earned a 2.2 million dollar check for her role in the movie A Cinderella Story. Her second Album was released in 2004 and she also served as the spokesperson for Kids with a Cause. In 2005 she starred in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 that same year she was in the Perfect Man alongside Heather Locklear. In 2005 Duff released an album with her greatest hits and 3 new tracks. In 2005 she starred with her sister Haylie in the film Material Girls. In 2007 she released her third album Dignity. In 2008 she was cast in War. Inc, Safety Glass and Greta, and also released her album Dignity...

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