Month: November 2009

  • Is it Cheating? Internet Flirtations, Affairs and Love Connections

    Cheating used to be very black and white. However these days a lot of men would like to think the internet has created a million shades of grey. It’s fairly easy to define a behavior that creates feelings of emotional or sexual betrayal.

  • Sexy Sunday 108

    Summer Glau Summer Glau was born in San Antonio Texas in 1981. As a child she spent her time dancing Ballet. She appeared in a few television shows and appeared on the TV series Angel as a ballerina. This led to her appearance in Firefly, Cold Case, Sleepover, CSI, The Unit and Tess Doerner. She…

  • Become More Healthy Tips 51-60

    51. If you want to eat a frozen entree stay away from the hungry man dinners they are filled with fat, salt and high in calories. Try to go for the many selections of Lean Cuisine, or Weight Watcher selections. 52. Instead of having a fat filled breakfast of sausage and bacon scramble up some…

  • Emotional Infidelity in a Relationship: What is Emotional Cheating?

    People define cheating differently. Some people define it as an emotional act as well as a physical act and others just define it as a physical act. That topic alone can cause some issues in a relationship if both parties define cheating differently.

  • Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 41-50

    41. Eat beans: Beans are full of fibre and folate which lowers homocysteine. People who consume 4 or more servings of beans a week cut their risk of developing heart disease by 22% compared to those who had one or less servings of beans. 42. Order takeout: Indian and Chinese takeout are full of heart…

  • 7 Warning Signs That She is Not Interested in You Anymore

    To break up a relationship is a harder decision when we talk about a long term one. In most cases when woman is no longer interested in a relationship she doesn’t want to be the one to end it.

  • Become More Healthy Tips 41-50

    41. Watch out when snacking or grazing. You can easily eat 500-600 calories without realizing it. 42. Watch the pasta. Go for whole wheat pasta and watch your portion sizes. One serving of pasta is 1/2 cup many people eat 4 times that amount. 43. Stay away from bagels. They aren’t worth the calories and…

  • Why Women Cheat

    Years ago a woman cheating on her spouse was unheard of but in modern times the number of women who cheat on their spouse is growing exponentially.  The differences in men and women cheating is that men often cheat for physical reasons while women often have emotional reasons for cheating on their partner.  The reasons…

  • Sexy Sunday 107

    Kimberly Wyatt Kimberly Wyatt was born in Warrensburg Missouri in 1982. She is a member of the Pussycat Dolls and is known as the “Flexy Doll” because of her signature dancing move the standing oversplit. She has also choreographed music videos and has been voted one of the sexist dancers of all time.

  • Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 31-40

    31. Schedule your flu shot: People who have vaccinated themselves against the flu have a 19% less chance of being hospitalized for heart disease then people who haven’t gotten their shots. 32: Drink water: When you drink five or more 8 ounce glasses of water daily you can lower your risk of heart disease for…