Month: November 2009

Sexy Sunday 108

Summer Glau Summer Glau was born in San Antonio Texas in 1981. As a child she spent her time dancing Ballet. She appeared in a few television shows and appeared on the TV series Angel as a ballerina. This led to her appearance in Firefly, Cold Case, Sleepover, CSI, The Unit and Tess Doerner. She also stars in the Sci-fi flick Mammoth. In 2007 she got the role of Cameron Phillips in the popular Terminator...

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Become More Healthy Tips 51-60

51. If you want to eat a frozen entree stay away from the hungry man dinners they are filled with fat, salt and high in calories. Try to go for the many selections of Lean Cuisine, or Weight Watcher selections. 52. Instead of having a fat filled breakfast of sausage and bacon scramble up some eggs in a non-stick skillet and serve with a side of asparagus and whole wheat toast. 53. Steam some frozen vegetables and sprinkle with some garlic powder and top with some nuts. 54. Make a healthy salad. Top with 1/2 can of tuna which is full of protein and add a few slices of tomatoes and top with light dressing. 55. Instead of packing your sandwich full of meat fill it with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts to give it more substance without all the calories. 56. If you want a quick lunch have a broth based soup with some vegetables. 57. In the morning have a high fibre breakfast cereal with skim milk and top it with some fresh fruit. 58. Instead of ordering a foot long sub order a 6” and pick one of the leaner subs and top with tons of vegetables. 59. If you want a sweet treat for lunch take some pre-cut fruit and mix it with some low fat yogurt. 60. Don’t make excuses that it’s ok to overeat...

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Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 41-50

41. Eat beans: Beans are full of fibre and folate which lowers homocysteine. People who consume 4 or more servings of beans a week cut their risk of developing heart disease by 22% compared to those who had one or less servings of beans. 42. Order takeout: Indian and Chinese takeout are full of heart healthy spices like garlic, tumeric and ginger. These spices are full of natural anti inflammatories. 43. Wash your hands: In a German study 570 people were followed for 3 years, those who had the most antibodies in their system also had the most clogging in the arteries of their hearts, necks and legs. Make sure you use liquid soap, bacteria can live on bar soap. 44. Read a good book: A Swiss study found that men who read poetry for at least 30 minutes a day reduced their stress levels and lowered the risk of heart disease. A good book would do the trick. 45. Use honey instead of sugar: Honey has antioxidants to help with cardiovascular disease. Sugar decreases your levels of good cholesterol and can lead to heart-related disorders. 46. Smile: People who have a positive attitude are less likely to develop heart problems later on. 47. Get a degree: People with degrees have a lower risk of heart disease then those who are less educated because they are able to move...

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