New Releases December 30, 2008

Image via Wikipedia New release listings for Blu-ray and Playstation 3. Blu-ray Eagle Eye [Blu-ray] (Paramount) Ghost Town [Blu-ray] (Universal) Days of Thunder [Blu-ray] (Paramount) Event Horizon [Blu-ray] (Paramount) Ghost (Special Collector’s Edition) (Paramount) Last Holiday [Blu-ray] (2006) (Warner) Serenity [Blu-ray] (Universal) Surfer, Dude + Digital Copy [Blu-ray] (Anchor Bay) Tommy Boy [Blu-ray] (Paramount) The […]

Top 10 Movies of 2008

The Dark Knight [Blu-ray] – Excellent movie. Heath Ledger gives an excellent performance as the Joker. Iron Man [Blu-ray] – All around a great performance Wall-E [Blu-ray] – Excellent animated film of a little garbage collecting robot who wants nothing more then companionship, great film for the entire family. Wanted [Blu-ray] – An assassin movie […]

Christmas Season Spikes Sexual Activity

The research of timing conceptions to holidays is relatively new in the united states. Since the 1930’s conceptions fluctuated seasonally greatly due to humidity, amounts of sunlight etc this still rings true for less developed countries. In developed countries many people are shielded from sunlight, heat, and humidity by working indoors, air condition and heating […]