Month: December 2008

Crazy Laws 3

In Wyoming it is illegal to wear a hat in a theater or amusement park that obstructs a persons view. In Texas it is illegal to milk another persons cow. In Rhode Island it is illegal to throw pickle juice at a trolley. In North Carolina it is illegal to have sex in a church yard. In Whitehall Montana it is illegal to operate a vehicle with ice picks attached to the...

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New Releases December 30, 2008

Image via Wikipedia New release listings for Blu-ray and Playstation 3. Blu-ray Eagle Eye [Blu-ray] (Paramount) Ghost Town [Blu-ray] (Universal) Days of Thunder [Blu-ray] (Paramount) Event Horizon [Blu-ray] (Paramount) Ghost (Special Collector’s Edition) (Paramount) Last Holiday [Blu-ray] (2006) (Warner) Serenity [Blu-ray] (Universal) Surfer, Dude + Digital Copy [Blu-ray] (Anchor Bay) Tommy Boy [Blu-ray] (Paramount) The Truman Show [Blu-ray] (Paramount) Wedding Crashers [Blu-ray] (Warner) Playstation 3 No new releases this...

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Sexy Sunday Poll

Included with every Sexy Sunday post and in the sidebar there will now be a poll. The poll will allow you to vote for the next Sexy Sunday post. Polls will be open from Sunday to Friday midnight. Go ahead and vote for the next Sexy Sunday Girl. Who Should be Featured on Sexy Sunday Kate Hudson (45%, 5 Votes) Mandy Moore (27%, 3 Votes) Taylor Swift (18%, 2 Votes) Gweneth Paltrow (9%, 1 Votes) Total Voters: 11  Loading...

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Sexy Sunday 60

Natalie Portman Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1981. She left Israel by the age of 3 and moved to Maryland Connecticut and finally to Long Island New York. When she was only 11 years old she was discovered by a modeling agent at a Pizza Parlor. Natalie wanted a more fulfilling job. Her real interest came after spending 3 summers at the Stagedoor Manor Performing Camp. Her first acting experiences came when she was cast in Stagedoor theater productions of a Midsummer Nights Dream, Cabaret, Anne of Green Gables and Tapestry. She has since made movie appearances in The Professional, Heat, Beautiful girls, Star Wars, Closer and many others. Portman is also trilingual she is able to speak Hebrew, English and Japanese. In 2005 she studied Psychology at Harvard University and at Hebrew University in...

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Hey, You were great on Bay Watch last night!

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