Month: October 2008

Jokes 10-31-08

Three men were asked what they would want to be said about them at their funerals. The first one said, “I want someone to say I was a wonderful father.” The second man said, “I want someone to say I was the greatest baseball player ever.” The last man said, “I want someone to say, ‘He’s moving, he’s moving!’” A teacher was teaching her class to use good manners. She asks a student, “Michael, if you were on a date, having dinner with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you needed to use the bathroom?” He responded, “Just a minute, I have to go pee.” The teacher replied, “That would be rude and impolite! What about you John, how would you say it?” “I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” The teacher responded, “That’s better, but it’s still not nice to use the word bathroom at the table. And you Peter, how would you show your good manners?” Peter said with a smile, “I would say: Darling, may I please be excused for a moment, I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope you’ll get to meet after dinner.” A woman walks into a bar and sits down, she notices a man sitting a couple seats down. She watches...

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Weight Affects Sperm

A recent study has shown that men with bigger waists also have to worry about the quality of their sperm. Bigger men are shown to have poor semen quality however experts aren’t sure if obese men are necessarily going to have problems having children. Men are only half the equation to have children and if an obese man is with a healthy fertile partner then her fertility may make up where he may be lacking. So what happens if the woman is overweight or obese? There is already proof that obesity in women causes infertility which may cause problems in trying to conceive especially if the male is obese. A study in Scotland gathered two groups of men. The group that was healthy and had a BMI of 20-25 were shown to have higher levels of sperm then those with a higher BMI who were overweight or obese. Bigger men were 60% more likely to have lower volumes of semen and 40% more likely to have abnormalities pertaining to their sperm. Men who are under weight were just as likely to have problems with their fertility. Factors such as age, smoking, drinking, and drugs were also considered in the study and have an obvious affect on sperm. Temperature also influences sperm. Sperm is produced at a lower temperature then the body but obese men may be overheated due to...

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New Releases October 28, 2008

New release listings for Blu-ray and Playstation 3. Blu-ray Baraka [Blu-ray] (MPI) Beat the Devil [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Only) Between The Lines: Sara Bareilles Live At The Filmore [Blu-ray] (Sony Music) The Bird People of China [Blu-ray] (Artsmagic) 4/20 Live in Seattle [Blu-ray] (MVD Group) Cannibal Taboo [Blu-ray] (MVD Group) Cruel World [Blu-ray] (Echo Bridge) Dead Space: Downfall [Blu-ray] + Digital Copy (Anchor Bay) Elf [Blu-ray] (New Line) Essential Holiday Collection (The Polar Express / National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation / Elf / A Christmas Story) [Blu-ray] (Warner) The Final Countdown [Blu-ray] (Blue Underground) The Final Patient [Blu-ray] (Echo Bridge) Hell Ride (Weinstein) Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter [Blu-ray] (MVD Group) Journey to the Center of the Earth (2-D and Limited-Edition 3-D) [Blu-ray] (New Line Cinema) Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (+ Digital Copy) [Blu-ray] (New Line) Last Time I Saw Paris [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Only) Mysterious Island [Blu-ray] (Echo Bridge) The Polar Express Presented in 3-D [Blu-ray] (Warner) The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon [Blu-ray] (First Look) The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding [Blu-ray] (First Look) Saving God [Blu-ray] (Echo Bridge) Tinker Bell (BD Live) [Blu-ray] (Walt Disney) Playstation 3 Fallout 3 LittleBigPlanet MotoGP 08 Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Score International: BAJA 1000 SingStar Vol. 2 with...

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Jokes 10-27-08

Drinking to Forget A man walks into a bar and says to the bartender, “Give me 13 margaritas.” The bartender says, “Wow, that’s quite an order. What’s the occasion?” The man replies, “Well, I’m celebrating my first blow job.” ”That is something to celebrate. Tell you what, how about one more on the house?” says the bartender. The man replies, “No, thanks. If 13 doesn’t get the taste out of mouth, nothing will.” Doody Calling A man is sitting on a men’s room toilet when the guy in the stall next to him says, “Hi.” ”Um, Hi,” the first man answers. ”What’s going on?” ”I’m traveling,” the first guy says hesitantly. ”Mind if I stop over?” ”What…Why the hell would you want to do that?” ”Hey, I’ll call you back,” says the second guy. “The weirdo in the other stall keeps talkin’ to me.” Animal Passion A doctor has sex with one of his patients and feels extremely guilty about it The next day he hears voices in his head. One says, “It’s ok, a lot of doctors do it.” A second says, “ You sick fuck, you’re a vet!” Show and Tell A guy shopping at the supermarket notices a hot woman waving at him. ”Do I know you?” he says, walking over. ”I think you’re the father of one of my kids,” the woman says. ”Are you...

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Sexy Sunday 51

Mila Kunis Mila Kunis was born in Kiev Ukraine in 1983. Her father was a mechanical engineer and her mother a physics teacher. During this time Ukraine was still part of the Soviet Union and it was under turmoil. Mila’s parents decided to move to Los Angeles in hopes of providing a more stable environment for their children. Her parents had to get new careers and her father became the president of a cab company and her mother was a drugstore manager. Mila and her brother were enrolled in public school where they learned English through Immersion. Mila also credits the Price is Right for helping here learn English. By age 9 Mila was attending after school acting classes. It was here she was approached by an entertainment manager. Soon Mila was on a Payless Shoes commercial and an episode of the Days of Our Lives. She then had guest roles on shows like Baywatch, Walker, Texas Ranger, and many others. At 14 Kunis lied to producers of that 70’s Show saying she was 18 and she won the part. That 70’s show proved to be a great success and Mila went on to voice the character of Meg Griffin in Family Guy. She has since had roles in the Family Guy Movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Max Payne, Beau Bridges and in 2009 Tom Cool and...

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Random Quote

I think we have to make love on the front lawn like crazed weasels NOW!

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