Month: June 2008

Sexy Sunday 34

Jessica Barton Jessica Barton was born in Orlando Florida in 1983. She is the ultimate tom boy she loves cars, tattoos, and video games. Even better she has a twin sister. She’s in all the latest men magazines and often makes appearances at car shows. She also enjoys kissing girls. She says it’s because guys buy you a drink and they assume that means you’re going home with them but girls aren’t like that. She even told a story about how she was with her boyfriend and didn’t have a place to go have sex so they did it in her mother’s car in a church parking lot. A few weeks later she told her mom and found out that her mom had sex in that same car in that same church parking...

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Having the Upper Hand

In baseball most batters hit from one side of the plate or the other. Some hitters however can hit from both sides of the plate, they are called switch hitters. The advantage for switch hitters is that they are always able to be on the opposite side of the plate as to the pitcher’s throwing arm, thus allowing the hitter to see the ball for a slightly longer time period. Pat Venditte, a pitcher drafted in this month’s amateur draft by the New York Yankees made a stir this past week in a minor league game against against their crosstown rivals from Brooklyn.You see Venditte is a ambidextrous pitcher. He can pitches with both arms and his father, Pat Venditte Sr. claims that Jr. can stand at home plate and throw the baseball over the outfield wall with either arm. He has an extra thumb hole sewn into his glove and switches his glove hand as he faces hitters accordingly. Against Brooklyn when Ralph Henriquez, their designated hitter came to the plate after warming up as a lefty but stepped up to the plate from the right side, opposite sided to the arm in which Venditte had been throwing with up to that point in the game. Venditte then switched his glove to his left hand, to which Henriquez crossed the plate again while Venditte once more did the...

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New Releases June 24, 2008

New release listings for Blu-ray and Playstation 3. Blu-ray 10,000 B.C. (Warner) House of Fury (Tai Seng) National Geographic: Sea Monsters (National Geographic) Persepolis (Sony) The Spiderwick Chronicles (Paramount) Step Into Liquid (Lionsgate) ZZ Top: Live in Texas (Eagle Rock) Playstation 3 Hail To The Chimp Hellboy: The Science of Evil Overlord: Raising Hell WALL-E Battlefield: Bad...

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Sexy Sunday 33

Emma Blocksage Emma Blocksage was born in Hastings, East Sussex England in 1979. She is known for being an English Model and TV presenter. She is often confused with radio presenter Emma Boughton because they both have the same stage name “Emma B.” Emma was in high demand and modeled for designers like Chanel, Prada, Valentino, Guess and many others. She has modeled for many magazines and her 2003 calendar was one of the top 5 selling calendars. She has also made numerous TV appearances including on the Disney Channel, MTV, The Farm and Celebrity...

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