Month: March 2008

Sexy Sunday 21

Eva Habermann Eva Habermann was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1976. She took dance and singing lessons while she was studying for her high school diploma. She has had roles on the TV mini series Lexx, Rosa Roth, and the Beach Club; she has also made appearances on many other German TV...

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Where have all the Donuts Gone?

Source: WikipediaTim Horton’s which is usually open 24 hours a day, Is no longer a 24 hour place to get coffee and donuts. Most of the locations in Calgary are now not open through out the night because there just isn’t enough people to staff their locations. I worked quite a few night shift jobs where I always went to Tim Horton’s for lunch break. I can no longer do this because they are closed now. It’s amazing to think that a hugely successful coffee and donut shop can’t keep their stores open because there isn’t anyone to staff them. All day long there is a line of cars in their drive-thurs and people lined up in their stores. But the night owls can’t get their coffee fix there anymore. What are the police going to do? I’ve always seen police at Tim Horton’s at night. But where are they going to get their coffee fix? Maybe Wal-mart, it seems like they are the only people that can stay open 24 hours anymore. So with that said, Calgary really has a huge staffing shortage. Check out some of the headlines in a Google Search for Calgary Staffing Shortage. Companies are always recruiting elsewhere in Canada and all over the world. We bring in workers from Mexico and the Philippines, but is still not helping with the high demand for...

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Sexy Sunday 20

Majandra Delfino Majandra Delfino was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1981. At age 3 her and her family moved to the US. She was strong academically but had an interest in the arts. At age 10 she danced in the Nutcracker with the Miami Ballet. Besides dancing, Delfino also took part in many school plays. She possesses many talents, singing, acting, dancing, painting, playing guitar, cello, and the piano. Delfino has had roles on Roswell, Traffic, State’s Evidence, and Celeste in the City. Delfino also married and divorced actor Devon...

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Sweet Bluetooth Headset.

I recently purchased a new bluetooth headset to use with my Blackberry Pearl. It was the Aliph Jawbone. I must say it is one awesome piece of technology. In using it so far it really does a grate job in blocking ambient noise. I made one phone call with my car stero pretty loud and the person had no idea the radio was on. The only problem I seemed to have so far is that I loose the connection with the phone when the phone is in its holster. Maybe it’s the magnet that keeps the holster closed, I really don’t know. The problem don’t happen when the phone is not in the holster. Some stats and information from Aliph’s website; DESIGN MEETS TECHNOLOGY Designed to perform. Designed by the renowned Yves Behar, Jawbone takes mobile style to new heights. Jawbone’s perforated shield curves to match the outline of your face while the inside surface is made from medical grade plastic to provide a soft and smooth feel on the skin. Jawbone can be worn on either ear, and you can customize your fit by choosing an earloop and earbud from the several shapes and sizes provided. Jawbone’s ergonomic design enhances acoustic performance and keeps the device lightweight, stable, and comfortable. Noise Shield Technology. Jawbone is the world’s first adaptive Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. Its revolutionary Noise Shield...

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Sexy Sunday 19

Megan Fox Megan Fox was born in Oak Ridge Tennessee in 1986. She started acting and modeling at a young age and made her film debut at age 15 in Mary Kay and Ashley Olsen’s “Holiday in the sun.” She has since had roles in What I like about you, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Hope and Faith, and Transformers. Megan also has a love for tattoos and has ink on various parts of her body. In 2006 she got engaged to Brian Austin Green. She then called off the engagement and the two remained a couple. However after 5 years of dating the two called it quits on June...

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