Month: February 2008

Sexy Sunday 16

Jessica Biel Wow, she sure have come a long way since 7th Heaven. Jessica Biel was born in Ely, Minnesota in 1982 but was raised in Boulder Colorado. She began modeling and performing at a young age. And at 14 she won the role of Mary on 7th heaven. The show was a smash hit but Jessica worried that it would limit her future opportunities. So at age 17 she violated her contracted and appeared on the cover of Gear Magazine in some very short shorts and nothing else. Jessica has since appeared in many movies like Summer Catch, The rules of attraction, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and blade to name a few. She is currently dating Justin Timberlake and just finished the movie “Powder Blue” where she had some nude...

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The Moon

photo credit: Storm Crypt I am just total amazed with the moon these days. I don’t know why. Maybe the great eclipse we had the other night? Maybe it’s just big and bright and catches my eye? Maybe it’s wanting to be the first man on the...

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Sexy Sunday 15

Christina Aguilera She’s still Dirty. Christina Aguilera was born in Staten Island NY in 1980. As a young child Christina dreamed of becoming a singer. She was known as the little girl with the big voice. She performed in many talent shows and when competitors caught wind of her auditioning many would drop out. Aguilera was subjected to ridicule and abuse from her peers. In 1990 she appeared on star search but lost the competition. In 1993 she joined the New Mickey Mouse Club. She got her big break when she sent her demo tape to the producers of the Disney movie Mulan. It was at that time she also got signed to a record deal. Her first album showed her youth and sweetness, but as Aguilera grew as an artist she began changing her singing style and even her appearance which caught good and bad attention from critics. In early 2002 Aguilera began dating Jordan Bratman and by November 2005 the two were married. On January 2008 the two welcomed their first child a baby...

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Income for All

I recently stumbled upon a great article at the star,An article about guaranteeing income for all Canadians. A guaranteed annual income, wow what a concept. I never really gave a concept like that a thought. It is already in use in some form or another in other countries. This is a way to rid Canada of poverty. Canada has more than 1.5 million people living below the poverty line, with most of that number being children. With current social programs people struggle to get above that line. Some one on welfare is penalized for taking a job to get ahead. There are claw-backs that reduce the assistance they receive, once they take their minimum wage jobs. Getting a job at minimum wage is no better than receiving social assistance. Many employed people are the working poor. Living in shelters, going to food banks, not able to afford the basic necessities. A quote from Hugh Segal. I do not believe that, in a country such as Canada, fellow citizens must live so far below what we consider a poverty line that they are unable to provide the basic necessities of shelter, food and clothing for themselves and their children. And based on the current allowances provided by the welfare system, I also refuse to accept that people purposely choose to avoid employment in order to subsist on such a paltry...

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Sexy Sunday 14

Paris Hilton That’s Hot! Paris Hilton was born in Los Angeles California in 1981. Paris Hilton loved to be the center of attention when she was younger and today is no exception. Paris has done some modeling and has posed for FHM and GQ. She has also done some TV work she starred in the series “The Simple Life” with her friend Nicole Richie. She has also appeared on My Name is Earl and Veronica mars. In 2006 Hilton released her self-titled album which received mixed reviews. Paris Hilton unfortunately is also known for her tasteless sex tape featuring her and then boyfriend Rick Solomon. She has since had many boyfriends and has even called off a few engagements. A crazy party girl Hilton has also been incarcerated for DUI but only for a mere 45...

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