Month: January 2008

Sexy Sunday 12

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson was born in New York, New York in 1984. She also has a twin brother. Scarlett started her movie career when she was very young and had a role in the “Horse Whisperer.” She has been romantically connected to Benecio Tel Toro, Jared Leto, and Derek Jeter. In September of 2008 Johansson married Actor Ryan Reynolds. She has been in a number of movies including, The Perfect score, Match Point, and Vicky Christina Barcelona to name a few. In 2008 she also released her first album “Anywhere I Lay My...

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Sexy Sunday 11

The incredibly beautiful. Tricia Helfer. Tricia Helfer was born in Donalda Alberta in 1974. She is an actress and model and has posed for magazines such as Elle, Vogue and cosmopolitan. Tricia is married to Jonathan Marshall an entertainment lawyer. Helfer has produced and hosted the first season of Canada’s Next Top Model but didn’t stay for the second because she wanted to focus on her role in Battlestar...

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Lacking Quality

It seems I have hit a wall. I have lost the ability to write any post. I don’t have enough time anymore. I have swayed away from what Malewail was supposed to be. I wanted to write post regarding men’s issues.  But all I write about are contest, money making, Entrecard and other general crap. Although I did win a few contests, and the prizes were great. Where content is supposed to king, Malewail is lacking good quality content. So I am looking for any advice or ideas from the readers out there. What should Malewail write about? Should I get Guest Bloggers? Do anyone want to be a guest blogger or a regular blogger on...

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Me and the iPod Touch

Picture of myself holding the iPod Touch that I won from the Big Bald Blog’s contest. I am also wearing the t shirt he sent me from Big Pappa Worldwide. It’s hard to see but I am visiting The Big Bald Blog on the iPod. Thanks again for an awesome...

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Sexy Sunday 10

Natalia Oreiro Very Sexy Latin Pop Star. Natalia Oreiro is a model, actress, and singer born in La Figurita in 1977. She began to study theatre at age 8 and between the ages of 12-16 she recorded many commercials. She is one of South America’s most promising stars. Oreiro has been nominated for a Latin Grammy and has been on the small screen. Oreiro married Ricardo Mollo a front man in an Argentinean rock band in...

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Random Quote

Sex is evil; Evil is sin; Sin is forgiven; so let’s begin.

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