Month: November 2007

Link Train Contest with NoFollow

Prija from Blogging the Movie is sponsoring another link train, this time including NoFollow links. This will keep the “link scheme” in the Google Guidlines. Great chance to win a copy of the 4 hour work week and a permalink from Blogging the Movie. ***** Start Here ******   Prize 1. Free 4-Hour Workweek Book. 2. A chance to have a permanent link on front page of Blogging The Movie dot com. 3. Sign the Records Book as it travels to 10 different winners. Contest This contest is sponsored by BloggingTheMovie – A featured documentary about Bloggers. This contest contains no-follow links. So it is Google friendly and by creating an original introduction you won’t be dinged for duplicate content. This is an ongoing marketing campaign. There will be 10 winners at which each winner will be able to host their own contest which will be sponsored by Blogging The Movie. 1st Winner: Susan Suarez | 2nd Winner: Investing Adventures | 3rd Winner: Can be you! Rules 1. Write an original short snippet introduction to avoid duplicate content. 2. Just copy the section between the start and end. 3. Add your 3 favorite blogs with rel=”nofollow” in between the link on the code page. i.e. <a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” title=”url name”></a>. This is extremely important to ensure that Google won’t ding us. Make sure you contact the bloggers and...

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Sexy Sunday 4

Keeley Hazell Keeley Hazell was born in Lewisham, London England in 1986. During school she was often kicked out of class for being troublesome. At 16 she left school and started work as a hair dresser. It was there that her co workers told her she should take a shot at modeling. She entered the contest “Search for a Beach Babe” and won. In 2006 she was hailed an environmental hero by the conservative party for giving environmental tips in the Sun. Hazell is also involved in a breast cancer campaign which helps to spread the message of breast health. Hazell has even released in album in 2008 called “Voyeur.”...

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The Best Sex Positions – and the Top Mistakes Men Make During Sex

Author: Rod PhillipsWe all want to make sex as good as it can be for our partners. But there’s more to good sex than choosing the best sex position – you have to know which sex positions and techniques to avoid! So here is a list of things for men to avoid during sex, along with some advice about the best sex positions – the ones that will make sex great for both of you! First Sex Position Mistake: Pushing your partner to do anything she isn’t comfortable with. So, if you’ve been thinking of trying the outrageous sex positions adopted by some porn stars, forget it! Start from a more realistic place. Being comfortable for a woman involves two things: first of all, she has to be physically comfortable. That might mean she isn’t going to feel too happy if you ask her to put her ankles behind her ears while you have sex. It might also mean that you have to avoid any position that gives you the deepest penetration, since your penis might bang her cervix and give her some serious discomfort. Second, she has to emotionally comfortable.So if you treat her like one of those porn stars, she isn’t going to be too happy either, and you’re not likely to be invited back to bed. This includes: wanting to ejaculate over her without her whole-hearted...

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Sexy Sunday 3

Roselyn Sanchez Roselyn Sanchez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1973. Roselyn is the youngest of four siblings and early on showed an interest in singing, acting and dancing. She even won the Miss Petite Pageant in Puerto Rico. Roselyn is involved in PETA and has even posed nude for them. She has had many movie roles, starring in Rush Hour 2, Angel, and Chasing Papi. However the role she is probably best known for is her role in the hit TV series Without a Trace. She currently spends time in New York and Puerto Rico and is hoping to release a record in the near...

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Recently I have changed hosting form to Anhosting. This has allowed me to start a new blog, Calgary Blog Info is a directory of blogs and websites in the City of Calgary. Also providing tips on blogging and monetizing. I am running a pretty good directory plugin from Allowing submission of blogs and websites to be shown in a customizable directory. Check out and let me know what you think, any advice is greatly...

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