4 Hour Work Week Results

I have been running a contest to give away the  4-Hour Workweek Book that I won  from Cash for Comments and The power of Positive Thinking on audio disk. So far these fine blogs have entered the contest.   Internet Duct Tape Blogging Contest dot com Cash for Comments International Freebies for All Job Mob […]


I am writing this post in response to a comment left on the Only in Canada post. Soar left this comment : Comment by soar 2007-08-29 08:01:03 8. You’ve taken your kids trick-or-treating in a blizzard. You must be stupid, it doesn’t snow in October, retard. Well it is October 24/2007 around 11:00pm and I […]

Growing Pains

I have been having trouble with my host again. So I am switching to paid hosting. It is not as smooth as I thought it would be. So in the next few days Malewail will be on again off again. Hopefully It will back up and running soon. And I can start making more post.

Theme Update

I have posted that I was working on a new theme back on September 9th. Well I am still working on that theme. My day job has been real hectic lately, not giving much time to blog or work on the theme. I get to work on it a little. Most days I am too […]