Month: July 2007

  • Evolution Parody

    Here is an interesting transformation from a Dove comercial.   And a parody of the Dove Ad.

  • 6 Keys to Locate Most Suitable Hosting Provider for your Site

    Author: Joel Higgs 6 Keys to locate most suitable hosting provider… Technical Support: Live support is preferred. Next comes email support, which is a must! Prices/Money Back Guarantee: Many web hosting companies does not offer a money-back guarantee, however it is important to have especially when you want to switch companies, try out the services.…

  • Spamming For Money

    I have found some ways to make money online. Checking email, playing games, referring people. I guess most are pyramid schemes. Agloco Banner by

  • Lack of Post

    I haven’t updated Malewail in almost a week. I have been working out some computer issues. I also have had a really bad tooth ache. The tooth is now no longer a issue since it is not there anymore. Wow! We all should be dentist. The cost of dental care is insane. I was in…

  • How To Find The Best Web Host

    Author: Don Fletchinger   Building a website is very easy as there are countless web hosts, software programs, and website builders on the internet to choose from. But building a website that really produces profits, that builds traffic and ranks among the top websites on the net is extremely difficult to do. Choose a hosting…

  • The Power of Google


  • Facebook: Data Mining


  • Google Earth Is Watching Us

  • Back Up and Running

    The problems I had with my hosting have been resolved for now. Hopefully everything will return to normal.

  • Problems with my blog

    Recently I noticed that a lot of my links are no longer working. Also my feed is not working. This is all due to me using a free hosting service. They have made .htaccess a paid service now and when they activated or deactivated  this service my links no longer work. Maybe this is a…