Free or Not

Currently I am using a free host for my blog. But should I invest in some paid hosting. I have no idea if traffic will ever increase. Who will read this? I don’t know. I guess the free hosting is adequate for now. It is doing everything I need it too. Sometimes it appears to be slow. But for $6.95 a month from AN Hosting I would get a whole lot more. Just the free Ad credits would make up for the cost per month and generate more traffic to Malewail. Then maybe it would be time to monetize and make some money.

Dirty hits the town

Last night I stepped into the mind of Gwen Stefani. She feed off the crowds awesome energy and delighted us with the many figments of her own imagination. Calgary obviously loves Gwen Stefani and her artistic views. Lets not forget that Akon had everyone on there feet at this sold out show. Thanks for an awesome night out… Dirty.

Where is Everyone Going?

I was driving the other day and traffic was backed up. It was raining pretty hard and some streets are flooding. So I am waiting patiently for traffic to move. But there is always people that don’t want to wait and move ahead and try to butt into line. Like really they are just pissing off everyone else. They slow down the flow of traffic when they do this. I never let anyone in that don’t have the patients to wait their turn. People must think I’m a complete ass when I do this. I waited my turn and they can wait theirs. Really where is everyone going? They are only going to work. Safety should be first. And if you have to be on time watch the news or listen to the radio, it will tell you of the traffic problems. Just leave a little early. and don’t piss me off.

Ads or Weather?

Advertising it getting way out of control. I like many get work outdoors and checking the weather before work is important. I used to be able to turn on the Weather Channel and check out the weather. Now it seems that commercials dominate over relaying the weather. I am guessing that there are alot of people caught in the rain eating yogurt.