Month: June 2007

evil blog contest at John Chow dot Com

Over at John Chow dot Com he is having another evil blog contest. You can win a 24? wide screen LCD monitor from LG Electronics. The contest is sponsored by BlueFur who is great for hosting Canada and the rest of the world. John Chow dot Com is one my Daily blog reads, he helps people make money...

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Win a Microsoft Zune 30Gb

Over at Ms Danielle’s Blog Site she is giving away a Microsoft Zune 30GB mp3 player that she won from John Chow dot Com. Her blog is a must read everyday as the post’s  are informative and entertaining. Some examples are : Quick Tip for Busy Bloggers Friday Funny – For Animal Lovers! Ms. Danielle’s Blog Site is worth checking out. You just might win a Microsoft Zune...

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A Little Help Here

I am pretty new at blogging and would like to find out what readers of Malewail would like to see here. If anyone has any great ideas or comments please let me know. I would like to provide posts that people want to read and enjoy. And give them a reason to come back time and time again. I will try my best to provide quality post and something...

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Database Error.

Hi I encountered a Database error. I am currently trying to fix the problem. It appears that I lost some data. My host ran out of disk space. Causing me to lose some of my post.

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GENESIS part 2

From part 1 Imagine, imagine a world where the noise has been toned down and the masses have been eraticated by famine and disease and war. Imagine a gigantic shift in climate and 3 billion human lives lost. And the story continues… Outside the sheltered remains of a once happy home runs a river of grime and urine. With no system of any form of government or rule, the streets of this desolate city are ruled by one group. The Rage Comers, R.C. as the locals know them, are a faction that gathered together after the great fallout. The RC consists of surviving members of the Hells Angels, The MS-13 and the Triads. When their numbers were eradicated in the destruction, they formed the RC out of fear of losing their combined power over the streets and now in this lawless new world, it was easy for them to con-join. When John Sprak walked out his front door, he always looked down at the cracked sidewalks and never looked up at the blackened skys. …. To be...

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Random Quote

You are so selfish! You’re going to have that body the rest of your life and I just want it for one night.

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