10 Ways to Deal with Back Pain

Exercise your abdominals: Weak abdominals can cause back pain especially in the lower back. When you exercise your abdominals you strengthen your ab muscles and back muscles. If you find crunches on the floor hurt your back try using a stability ball.

Avoid working overtime: Men who work overtime are more susceptible to on the job injuries. Back pain was on the top of the list of complaints.

Sit on a swiss ball instead of a desk chair: Spend 15-20 minutes every hour on a Swiss ball instead of using your desk chair. This will help to strengthen your core muscles and alleviate back pain.

Change your posture often: If you continue to sit in the same position then same part of your spine is under pressure. Instead change your position frequently in order to vary the stress on your spine.

Squeeze your buttocks when you’re lifting weights above your head: Doing this forces your body to stabilize your spine, lowering your risk of back injuries.

Enjoy a glass of milk: When you suffer from low levels of vitamin D you’re 300 times more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Recent studies have also shown the men suffering from back pain were low on vitamin D.

See your tailor: Having an aching back can be caused by one leg being shorter then the other. Even just the slightest difference can cause your spine to curve to the shorter side during walking or running. Ask your tailor to give you a quick measurement and see your doctor if necessary.

Readjust your pillows: Depending on the way you sleep you may need to adjust your pillows. If you like to sleep on your back then place a pillow under your knees to save you from the back stress. If you like to sleep on your side then bring your legs up to your chest and place a pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your tummy place a smaller pillow under your abdomen to prevent your lower back from sagging.

Stop sitting on your wallet: Sitting on your wallet full of credit cards and dollar bills can put pressure on the major nerve that runs through your buttocks; the sciatic nerve.

Adjust your car seat: If your car seat is placed so far back that you have to stretch your neck just to see you are placing a dangerous strain on your neck. Your seat should be positioned so you can see the full road ahead of you with your head rested against the headrest.





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  1. Sam Touchwiz Avatar

    Dave, there are some handy tips here! The one I like the most is: Avoid working overtime! That's usually my advice to everyone. I guess it would be better to avoid working at any time 🙂 Fact is that a lot of us spend whole days behind their desks and we are simply not made for that. I know from experience that this stability ball works great, if you do your exercises each day for 10 minutes you will definitely benefit from it.