10 Obscure Extreme Sports to Try Before You Die!

zorbing ballAre you looking over your bucket list and deciding that it’s just a little too boring? Here are a few adrenaline-packed extreme sports to give it a little kick. Although, after reading this list, you may think that the title of this post should be changed to “10 Obscure Sports to Die Trying!”

1. Street Luging
If you ever watched the winter Olympics, then you’ve seen the luge competition. Racers sit, face up, on a small sled and race down a hill, feet first, at speeds up to 140 miles per hour. Want to give it a try but don’t have access to a luge track? No worries. Just use a treacherous mountain road. Street Lugers go to the highest point of a mountainous highway, lie on a sled no bigger than a skateboard, and zip down the mountain. Of course it’s important to stay focused so that you can dodge all moving vehicles as you make your way, hopefully without getting squished, to the bottom of the mountain.

2. Volcano Boarding
Believe it or not, thousands of sport extremist travel to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain for the privilege of volcano boarding. Participants gear up in protective suits, hop on a board constructed of plywood and Formica, and descend the volcano’s slope at up to speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Perhaps they move so quickly because they’re worried the about an eruption? After all, the Cerro Negro is still an active volcano, the most recent eruption being in 1999.

3. Train Surfing
Train surfers climb onto the outside of a moving train car or subway train, stand upright on the top, and “surf.” First introduced in the 1980’s in Germany, train surfing hit all-time popularity in 2005, when a Frankfurt city gang leader successfully surfed the fasted train in Germany, the Intercity Express. As a bonus, he lived to tell about it.

4. Crocodile Bungee Jumping
For some, regular bungee jumping just isn’t extreme enough. To up the stakes, why not bungee jump, head first, into a hungry hoard of snapping crocodiles? This extreme sport is supposedly popular with the Aussies as depicted by the 2003 legendary Foster’s Beer commercial. In fact, there is even a popular movie called Crocodile Bungee…no wait, that’s Crocodile Dundee. Anyhow, this is definitely one sport that you can lose your head over.

5. Air Kicking
This extreme sport is reminiscent of many scenes from that famous cartoon “The Roadrunner.” In fact, it may have been Wiley Coyote that first invented this stunt. Participants sit in a specially designed seat at the back end of a large catapult arm. At the signal, the test dummy, I mean person, is catapulted over 26 feet through the air to a perfect splash-down in a pool of cold water. No need to worry, all trajectories are carefully calculated!

6. Powerising Stilts
Sure, kids have been jumping on pogo sticks for years and sure, ceiling painters wear stilts to get the job done; but what happens when you combine the pogo stick with the stilts? You get a hair- raising, kick-butt, stunt machine, that’s what. Don a pair of powerising stilts and jump to heights of nine feet. Do a flip or two while you’re in the air and you’ll gain the respect high-jumping kids everywhere. Just be careful with those landings!

7. Zorbing Ball
Here’s a sport that puts a definite spin on playing ball. Zorbing, invented in New Zealand, has become a new craze around the world. Participants ride inside a large plastic ball, positioning themselves between the outside wall and an inner ball which is filled with air and designed to cushion their body. Once the rider is inside, the zorbing ball is hurtled down a long slope. The participant gets to experience a ride that definitely gives new meaning to the phrase, “Let’s play ball!”

8. Cave Diving
Cave diving is so dangerous, that a successful dive is defined as a “dive from which you return.” This extreme sport combines all the regular risks of diving combined with exploring impossibly narrow ocean caves in freezing temperatures and low-visibility conditions. Risks include becoming disoriented and lost forever under sea, running out of oxygen and drowning, and being eaten by a wild sea creatures. All in all, a fun and exciting experience!

9. Kiiking
Kiiking, invented in Estonia in 1996, is for all those kids that grew up frustrated with the limitations of a normal swing set. Participants mount a giant swing made of steel arms that swings over the middle of a spindle. By pumping from a squatting to standing position, swingers eventually increase momentum and accomplish a dizzying 360 degree swing around the center of the contraption. No “under-dogs” allowed!

10. Slacklining
This extreme activity is listed last for a reason. Definitely the most dangerous of the bunch, slacklining involves stretching a nylon rope between two anchor points—usually two skyscrapers, or two high cliffs. Participants then make their way, tight-rope style, from one anchor to another. Talented slacker’s often perform imposing stunts while balancing on the impossibly thin rope. Not to worry, however, the slack line is flat and made of nylon, which is supposedly a much safer alternative to a regular tight-rope wire.

There you have it—10 extreme sports to try before you die. Hopefully you can achieve all 10 before you actually kick the proverbial bucket trying!

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2 responses to “10 Obscure Extreme Sports to Try Before You Die!”

  1. Action Junkie Avatar

    Just reading this list makes my heart beat a little faster! I hadn't' heard of most of these, but the Zorbing Ball looks like the most fun!

  2. Adrenalinekikr Avatar

    Absolutely love this list!! Air kicking and kiiking look soo much fun, ive done skydiving before, and i wanna try loads of extreme sports to get my heart racing, thanks so much for the great list!!