10 Must-Have Men’s Jewelry Items

Men’s jewelry is no longer just about the plain wedding band and silver tone watch. Guys these days are looking to the runways and fashion magazines and getting bolder with both their perennial and occasional wear accessories. Here are the top ten men’s jewelry items that are currently making the rounds.

Stackable bracelets

Ever since rapper Kanye West wore piles of slim bracelets on his arms, guys everywhere have been trying out the stacking bracelet men’s jewelry trend. The best bracelets for stacking are those with slimmer widths, not larger sized cuffs. Many men mix and match colors for a more unique and eye-catching look.

Rose gold watches

Once called Russian gold thanks to its popularity in 19th century Russia, rose gold has experienced a big resurgence in both women’s and men’s jewelry over the past couple of years. Real rose gold is pure gold alloyed with copper to achieve a reddish hue, but many rose gold men’s jewelry items are made with rose gold plating or simply have a rose gold tone. Rose gold watches in particular have been popular with guys who want a somewhat vintage or unusual look to their timepieces.

Statement rings

Men’s fingers aren’t just reserved for wedding bands anymore. Guys are taking the opportunity to express a little personality with rings that make a definite statement. Oversized rings and rings with particularly intricate or bold designs have been especially popular, as have rings with brightly colored stone accents.

Vintage or vintage-inspired cuff links

A subtle yet intriguing finishing touch to any outfit, cuff links are now being worn both in the boardroom and at the bar. The popularity of shows like Mad Men have made vintage masculine style all the rage, especially when it comes to paying close attention to small details. Interesting antique or vintage-appearing cuff links are definitely a sought after men’s jewelry item.

Leather bracelets

For those wanting to branch out with their men’s jewelry items but unsure of where to begin, leather bracelets are a great way to dip one’s toe into the fashion pool. Generally inexpensive yet hard to go wrong with, leather bracelets for men have an easy rugged masculinity that makes them suitable for nearly any wardrobe.

Pendant necklaces

From classic dog tags to inventive contemporary designs, pendant necklaces are gracing the necks of men everywhere. Some of the most popular materials for men’s pendants include titanium, tungsten and stainless steel, though these men’s jewelry items can be found in virtually any fabrication.

Double rings. Offering what is often considered to be a tough guy look, double rings can either slide over two fingers or be worn on one finger, extending over other digits. These rings are frequently seen in yellow gold tone styles or with intricate engraved designs. These men’s jewelry items are definitely best excluded from work wardrobes.

Watch re-issues

As recent trends in timepieces have shown, classic watches are truly timeless. Some higher end designers of men’s timepieces have been re-issuing classic styles, much to the delight of men everywhere. Chronograph watches are proving to be particularly popular with this men’s jewelry trend.

Lariat necklaces

Plain men’s chain necklaces are being supplanted by lariat necklaces. Lariat necklaces use an open ended closure that threads on end through another. This becomes a detail at the front of the necklace in lieu of a traditional clasp, and adds an interesting and subtle design accent to men’s jewelry. These necklaces can either be a plain chain or finished with a pendant.

Men’s jewelry in bold colors

 All men’s jewelry items are displaying one major trend: bright and bold colors as contrast accents or throughout the entire piece. Bold color accents can especially be seen men’s jewelry items that have carbon fiber inlay and semi-precious gemstones. Men’s jewelry can also be color-treated to achieve eye-catching colors, something that is seen most often in contemporary materials.

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