10 Crazy Houses Around The World

The Pineapple House (Scotland)


The Airplane House (Abuja, Nigeria)


The Cactus House (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


The Car House (Salzburg, Austria)


The Cube House (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


The Floating Farm (Ukraine)


The Mushroom House (Cincinnati, Ohio)


The Seashell House (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)


The Shoe House (Hellam, Pennsylvania)


The Upside Down House (Syzmbark, Poland)






10 responses to “10 Crazy Houses Around The World”

  1. Cross Channel Ferrie Avatar

    those houses are very crazy and really funny I want one lol

  2. Holiday rentals Avatar

    It's like a nice dream, seriously they are so crazy jajaja

  3. Self catering Avatar

    the houses are really original, I like The Seashell House because it's on an island.

  4. Affordable furniture Avatar

    thanks for sharing this information, about of the 10 crazy houses around the world. all the houses are original.

  5. Cusco Hotels Avatar

    really coooll house's..i love the Airplane House in Nigeria.. i love all of them but this house has something.

  6. contemporary oak Avatar

    excellent article in addition to good information about 10 crazy houses around the world, but i really like the cube house.

  7. package holiday Avatar

    I like those house, are very nice and it ´s on an island

  8. Cusco Peru Hotels Avatar

    Awesome pics… the cube house is reallly amazing i just want to who was the architech. great post..one more to my stumble

  9. JR041283 Avatar


    Nice post. I enjoy checking them out. How I wish I can be on the very location of each houses.

  10. Robby Avatar

    Crazy houses indeed.. i’vce seen people actually living in a giant tree house in the amazon..i guess it’s not as weird as those but still pretty out there. While taking a trek through the andes i saw natives living in houses on the sides of mountains which were almost completely vertical..i have no idea how they di it since i was struggling to get up there the local children were running around herding the llamas and alpacas..great country to visit..machu picchu, nazca lines etc. i recommend http://www.perumagicaltravel.com if anyone is interested.